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Words-and-Pictures: Ginza

Note: This selection of Words-and-Pictures was made on September 5, 2001, as I walked on the Old Tokaido.

Ginza is located near the start of the Tokaido, well within Tokyo's metropolitan area. It is between Nihombashi, the beginning of the Old Road, and Shinagawa, the First Station and the location of a barrier separating old Edo from the rest of Japan. You can read more about my visit to Ginza in my Logbook.

A monument to the first kabuki theater in Tokyo. On this site in 1624, a tower was constructed to support a drummer (as is still used before sumo matches and during Bon odori today) to attract viewers to the show.

A traveling musician: This man is playing an electric keyboard in a little cart--pulled behind a bicycle!

This little doll is a come-on for a shop that rents traditional clothing. She's wearing a yukata, a light summer robe often worn to summer events such as fireworks displays.

Over the Warner Brothers' store, one of my all-time favorites is running on the big screen: the "wabbit season/duck season" scene from the cartoon "Rabbit Seasoning."

Posted September 23, 2019

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