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Guide to My Aki Meguri

Note: Please be sure to read the Introduction. Beyond that, background information--how I did it, the mechanics, etc.--can be found starting here.

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Prelude: Before the Trip

Dates link to LOGBOOK for that day.

September 1st (Saturday)
  • I posted more background information in anticipation of the trip
September 2nd (Sunday)
  • Sayonara Party--and a Close Shave: The beginning of a style I sport to this very day. [2019: No more! I went in a whole new direction staring in 2014.]
September 3rd (Monday)
  • Pre-start Blues: The cold feet of a walking man
September 4th (Tuesday)
  • The Big Day? NOT!: This was my "announced" departure day, but...

The Old Tokaido Stage

Dates link to ALL POSTS (Logbook, Journal, Words-and-Pictures) for that day.

Read the background for this leg

September 5th (Wednesday)
September 6th (Thursday)
September 7th (Friday)
September 8th (Saturday)
September 9th (Sunday)
September 10th (Monday)
September 11th (Tuesday)
  • The Route: There will be no entry for today; click to see why.
September 12th (Wednesday)
September 13th (Thursday)
September 14th (Friday)
September 15th (Saturday)
September 16th (Sunday)
September 17th (Monday)
September 18th (Tuesday)
September 19th (Wednesday)
September 20th (Thursday)
September 21st (Friday)
September 22nd (Saturday)
September 23rd (Sunday)
September 24th (Monday)
September 25th (Tuesday)
September 26th (Wednesday)
September 27th (Thursday)
September 28th (Friday)
  • I took a day off! Read more about it here.
September 29th (Saturday)
September 30th (Sunday)
October 1st (Monday)
October 2nd (Tuesday)
October 3rd (Wednesday)
October 4th (Thursday)
October 5th (Friday)
October 6th (Saturday)
October 7th (Sunday)
October 8th (Monday)
October 9th (Tuesday)

The Yamato Stage

Dates link to ALL POSTS (Logbook, Journal, Words-and-Pictures, Features) for that day.

Read the background for this leg

October 10th (Wednesday)
October 11th (Thursday)
October 12th (Friday)
October 13th (Saturday)

The Shikoku Stage

"The Route" links to the Logbook for that day; the rare Words-and-Pictures page links from there.

Read the background for this leg

Learn more about the Honzons (Main Images) for the Shikoku Temples

October 14th (Sunday)
October 15th (Monday)
October 16th (Tuesday)
October 17th (Wednesday)
October 18th (Thursday)
October 19th (Friday)
October 20th (Saturday)
October 21st (Sunday)
October 22nd (Monday)
October 23rd (Tuesday)
October 24th (Wednesday)
October 25th (Thursday)
October 26th (Friday)
October 27th (Saturday)
October 28th (Sunday)
October 29th (Monday)
October 30th (Tuesday)
October 31st (Wednesday)
November 1st (Thursday)
November 2nd (Friday)
November 3rd (Saturday)
November 4th (Sunday)
November 5th (Monday)
November 6th (Tuesday)
November 7th (Wednesday)
November 8th (Thursday)
November 9th (Friday)
November 10th (Saturday)
November 11th (Sunday)
November 12th (Monday)
November 13th (Tuesday)
November 14th (Wednesday)

Postlude: After the Trip

November 15th (Thursday)
  • The Route:
    • The Return to Koyasan: Closing the final circle
November 16th (Friday)

Note: The following two "Logbooks" are actually Words-and-Picture pages

November 30th and December 2nd (Friday and Sunday)
  • Farewell Meetings at El Torito, Shinjuku: Pictures of old friends and new
December 3rd (Monday)
  • My last farewell party: At Zest, with the "inner circle" of the Tequila Philosophers

Posted September 18, 2019

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