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Words-and-Pictures: Maisaka's Waki Honjin

Note: This selection of Words-and-Pictures was made on September 26, 2001, as I walked on the Old Tokaido.

Maisaka is in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is Station #30 (from Tokyo) on the Old Tokaido Highway. You can read about my visit to the Waki Honjin in my Logbook.

This Waki Honjin--or Secondary Official Inn--is elegant beyond belief. Just look at the interiors and appointments (and compare it to the similar inn at Futagawa):

There are two front doors. The one on the right is for visitors; the one on the left opens into a dirt-floored passage leading back into the kitchen. Since this has a back door, one can walk straight through to the back yard without removing one's shoes. Brilliant.

Looking through the house, one sees several tatami (straw-mat-floored) rooms and an inner garden. The cases in the second room back contain prints of the Tokaido by Hiroshige.

A well right in the kitchen; what more could one ask for?

A stand-up tub.

Not a kickboard or scooter; compare this to the modern version.

I also saw something like this--made of stone and outside--at the Arai Barrier. What could it be?

This kago was on display in a second-floor room. A kago a day...

(Who could fit inside this, anyway?)

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