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From Hara to Yoshiwara
(Mon., Sep. 17, 2001)

 Monday, September 17th, 2001 (click to see all posts from this day)
  • Station:
  • Other places visited: Shouinji and Hakuin; Yoshiwara
  • "Prayed" at: Shouinji, Hara
  • Stopped at: Yoshiwara
  • Slept: Numazu Hotel, Numazu
  • Kilometers covered: 15.8
  • Total kilometers so far: 139.6
  • Journal: The Gods
  • Words and Pictures: Shouinji
 The Old Tokaido

Shouinji and Hakuin

A day of highs and lows: It began with a great prayer experience, and ended with me being lost!

I got to Hara late (after laundry; since I have only two sets of samue, I have to do laundry every other day!). Then I discovered I was going to have to backtrack more than a kilometer to reach today's highlight: Shouinji. But boy, was it worth it.

The great Zen teacher Hakuin Zenji was born in Hara, and is buried here at Shouinji. I said your prayers here today, and have given you some Words and Pictures.

What about Hakuin? Here are some links:
And a haiku by yours truly:
would Hakuin laugh
to think this aging gaijin
worshipped at his grave?

Hara, Station #13 on the Old Tokaido

Hiroshige's Tokaido: Hara, Station #13 on the Old Tokaido

The view of Mount Fuji from Hara is supposed to be splendid. So great, in fact, that it busts right out of Hiroshige's frame. But--as usual--it was obscured by clouds.

SO... I faked my "official" picture for Hara. Can you guess which one is me?

Sadly, there's not much else to show or tell.

The walk led through a quiet area for quite some time. The only thing of note to see was this statue of Masuda Heishiro.

Since there are few photos today, I'll show you BOTH of the ones I took of him and his monument! (I can't find anything about him on the Internet; can anyone help me?)

[2019: Found him! On a single homepage--see #4. He was headman of a village in Ukishima (where I walked) who tried to build a much-needed drainage canal. Sadly, as soon as it was finished, it was destroyed by a high tide, and he "died in depression." Another canal was built in the same place after 80 years or so, proving his plan was a good one.]

And the rest of the walk was of two natures:
  1. Industrialized areas and/or rather depressed-looking neighborhoods
  2.  TOTAL and complete lost-ness on my part, up to and including darkness.


I could find nothing of visual merit in the Yoshiwara shuku (station). (And certainly nothing to inspire a haiku.) There is a place called "Hidari Fuji" where, because the road swings north, Fuji-san appears on the left side of the road. But of course I still couldn't see it.

So I planned to do my "official" shot of Yoshiwara by the Fuji River. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it because I never made it! This is only the second time I've been completely bamboozled, but it was a good one. (The first was on September 9th, between Hodogaya and Totsuka.)

I caught a train at Yunoki station on the Minobu line about 6:45 and headed for "home." More tomorrow of this exciting saga.

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Posted September 28, 2019

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